Traveling with Kids
Choose Jetset Charter When You Travel with your Kids
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Children may be delightful, but flying with them can be very stressful. Ask anyone who has been seated next to a young child for several hours on a commercial flight if you are in doubt. An unruly child on an airplane does not usually mean that the child is misbehaving, but that he or she is bored or afraid. Sitting in one seat for hours is bad enough, but sometimes turbulence or loss of air pressure can frighten normally well-behaved youngsters and cause them to become loud, unruly, or unresponsive to discipline.

One way that frequent flyers have found to avoid this is by flying private aircraft charter. Chartering a jet means that the plane belongs to you for the duration of the voyage. This more private scenario is usually much more conducive to good behavior, allowing the parents to handle any problems immediately, without the prying eyes of strangers. Other advantages to private jet charter for children include in-flight catering, which allows parents the option of feeding the family a good healthy meal during the flight so that everyone will arrive at the destination rested and fed. Charter also offers onboard entertainment such as movies and video games which can keep kids occupied for hours while parents enjoy the luxury of plush seating, roomy interiors, and even WiFi.

When travelling with kids, whether in an emergency situation or for a simple family vacation, there is no better alternative than to book with Jetset Charter. Jetset can set up everything for your flight, from providing ground transportation to get you to the airport to making hotel reservations. Call 866-570-JETS (5387) or request a quote today.