Luggage Transportation
Jetset Charter Can Help You Ship Luggage Worldwide

Although the general perception is that the luggage should fly with the passenger, this is not always possible – especially on standard commercial airlines. First of all, they have so many restrictions against what can go in carry-on luggage. The fact that these precautions are being taken to ensure airline passenger safety is of little comfort when we are faced with such inconveniences as not having access to mouthwash, toothpaste, or even a laundry detergent stain removal gel pen when we need them.

The transportation of recreational gear such as golf clubs, skis, and bicycles can also pose a problem. These items are certainly much too large to be included as carry-on, and this size also makes them difficult to include in with checked baggage. The rates required to have these items flown via a standard shipper such as FedEx, UPS, or even USPS are extremely high, not to mention inconvenient.

Jetset Charter knows that sometimes getting your “stuff” there is just as important as getting yourself there. Our exclusive luggage and gear transport service provides a practical and affordable solution.

Some of the advantages to this program include:

• Reduced time waiting at the check-in counter or baggage claim;
• Reduced worries that your luggage will actually show up;
• The flexibility of allowing you to schedule a pickup from your residence at a time to fit your schedule;
• The security of our exclusive tracking system.

Jetset Charter would like to be the one-stop travel solution – for you and your luggage. A simple call to one of our helpful representatives 24 hours a day/7 days a week can provide all of the details. Call 866-570-5387 and experience the Jetset Charter difference today.