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Your Pets Can Fly Private Jet Charter with Jetset Charter
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Traveling with your pet on standard airlines can be a nightmare. There are so many restrictions and limitations – especially when it comes to size. Most airlines will only allow small pets that can fit under the seat in a small crate, which will house them throughout the flight. Those with larger dogs (over 20 pounds in most instances) are forced to arrange for their furry companions to travel in the cargo hold. One of the main problems with this is that many service dogs belong to larger breeds, such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, or German Shepherd dogs. Even this practice is dwindling, as lawsuits stemming from deaths due to extreme heat or cold continue to pile up in our nation’s court system. There are also restrictions on certain breeds, such as pugs, shih-tzus, bulldogs, and others who commonly encounter problems breathing in the heat. What’s a dedicated pet owners to do if he or she wants to travel and leaving Fido or Fluffy behind is not an option?

The best part of booking a flight with Jetset Charter is that the pets can ride in the cabin unrestrained, with no crates or kennels. Just think – you could hold your beloved dog or cat during takeoff or soothe them in the air if they become afraid. They can also provide comfort to you during the flight, if necessary. With Jetset Charter, you can relax knowing that your pets are treated with the same level of kindness and courtesy as you are. We understand the unique bond that humans have with their furry companions and will go the extra mile to see that you all travel in maximum comfort and convenience.

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