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Charter a Jet at the Last Minute with Jetset Charter
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How many times have you been “bumped” from a commercial flight, missed your plane for one reason or another, or found yourself in a situation in which your flight been delayed or canceled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances? Each of these scenarios is unfortunately all too common with standard air travel. When you factor in the impossibly rigid schedules and inflexible staff, it is easy to see why last minute flights have become more necessary. Fortunately, last minute and “ASAP” private jet charter service is available to virtually any destination in the world, courtesy of Jetset Charter.
Jetset Charter has access to a variety of the most popular private aircraft of all sizes, which means that finding the safest and most secure flight for you will never be a problem. Whether you are flying a short distance or traveling across the globe, we can put you in the most appropriate and well-maintained turboprop, light jet, very light jet, super light jet, mid-size jet, super mid-size jet, heavy jet, airliner, or corporate jet for your budget and situation. With as little as two hours of notice, Jetset Charter can arrange for the place and flight crew to meet you at the nearest convenient location, ready to depart. Our convenient and flexible options have been utilized for all types of emergency travel situations, including air cargo, air taxi, group charter, on-demand charter, and even air ambulance applications.

Budget conscious travelers are always looking for a bargain – even in an emergency. This is why Jetset Charter will always offer affordable alternatives such as “empty-legs” and one-way flights, which are usually heavily discounted. Private air charter can also be made more affordable if the cost is divided among each member of a large group.

When you charter a flight with Jetset Charter, you are putting yourself in the hands of one of the most recognized leaders in the industry. Our level of service is unparalleled, and our knowledgeable professionals are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to help you with any private air charter needs – regardless of the situation. For more information about Jetset Charter’s last-minute air charter service or to book your flight, call one of our representatives at 866-570-JETS (5387).