Jet Charter of the Citation X
Learn about the Citation X from Jet Charter

Speed. Performance. Comfort. No jet completely defines the concept of the mid-size business class jet quite as well as the Cessna Citation X. The 604 miles per hour speed and 3,596 mile flight range means that you can fly from New York to San Francisco much faster than on comparable aircraft. The enhanced design has led to the Citation X being labeled "the fastest civilian airplane now in service," according to Flying magazine.

There is plenty to get excited about inside the cabin of the Citation X. It stretches to an astounding length of 23.9 feet, with a height of 5.7 feet and 5.5 ft. width - easily making it the most spacious of the Citation series. There are seating accommodations for 8 passengers with fully reclining leather chairs. A full refreshment center complete with a microwave oven can be stocked upon request, and entertainment options include a CD/DVD player and headphones. In-flight catering options are also available. Corporate jet charter passengers will appreciate the telephone, power outlets, and wi-fi aboard this mid-size jet. The fully enclosed aft lavatory provides comfort, convenience, and privacy.

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Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: Citation X
Seats: 8 - 9
Range SM: 3,596 st. mi.
High Speed Cruise: 604 MPH
Cabin Height: 5.7 ft.
Cabin Width: 5.5 ft.
Cabin Length: 23.9 ft.
Baggage Capacity Exterior: 82 cu. ft.
Baggage Capacity Interior: n/a

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