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Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go

Best prices in industry. Take advantage of the constantly changing charter market and get great deals on one-way flights, transient aircraft and empty leg pricing.

No Membership Fee

No Membership Fee

No Long Term Commitment or money out of pocket. Our Jetset Card holders enjoy greater flexibility and incentives on charter flights, without any membership fees or hidden costs.

Commitment to Safety

Commitment to Safety

Safety is our #1 priority and that is why we follow the strictest standards in the industry.To learn more, please visit our
Safety page.


Jetset Charter Has More
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Than Any Other Provider

Charter On-Demand & Pay As You Fly

For convenience and flexibility, nothing can compare with the Jetset Charter On-Demand Card. Imagine the freedom of having a jet on standby for you whenever you need it – with one simple phone call or a click of the mouse.

The Jetset Charter On-Demand Charter Card has successfully brought together two of our most popular services – On-Demand Charter and fractional ownership – to bring you even more private aircraft charter options.

Or Join One of Jetset's Membership Programs
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Supplement Your Fleet With Jetset Charter's
On-Demand Program

With combined experience of over 30 years in the industry, plus access to all of the most popular aircraft models, the Jetset staff can guarantee dependability and the highest level of service in the charter industry.

  • Traveling during the week and leaving my family is never easy, but Jetset Charter always makes sure that every comfort is available to me during my flights. I never use anyone else.

    Ray F. – Buffalo, NY
  • A simple surgery turned into a major medical crisis for my mom. The fact that we were thousands of miles away certainly didn’t help. Thank you, Jetset Charter, for not only getting me a flight to Santa Barbara but for doing it within three hours. That must be some kind of record.

    Monique D. – Burlington, VT
  • Traveling with a wife, three children, three dogs, and two cats may seem excessive, but when we go away for the summer, we go as a family. Commercial flights would never allow our pets to travel with us, but Jetset Charter booked us a private jet charter that allowed them to actually sit in the seats with us and roam around the cabin during the flight. We won’t even consider flying with anyone else.

    David B. – Portland, OR
  • Great people, 24/7 availability. No matter what time of day I need a flight, Jetset Charter is there to help. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a private air charter.

    Cory S. – Beaumont, TX
  • Transportation to and from the airport, no waiting, no hassles, delicious food, a private and roomy cabin….Why would I fly with anyone else? Jetset Charter rocks!

    John M. – San Francisco
  • I fly regularly for business between New York, Seattle, and Honolulu, and Jetset Charter is my exclusive choice for private jet charter. Service is first-rate, and I’ve never once encountered a problem during any of my flights.

    Rita, Des Moines, IA
  • Emergencies are never fun, but emergency flights on commercial airlines are even worse. Thanks to David and the team at Jetset Charter for taking care of the arrangements for my recent flight from Phoenix to Baton Rouge. They took care of all of the details, and even found me a great deal on the return flight. If you’re flying private jet charter, I highly recommend Jetset Charter.

    Anne Lindsay, Phoenix, AZ
  • I’ve never flown via private charter before, so I had no idea what to expect. I thought chartering a plane was something for the rich and famous – and I’m neither. You can imagine my surprise when I called Jetset Charter to see about scheduling a flight for a family reunion in Toronto with my wife and kids. David, the rep I spoke with, scheduled everything for me while I was on the phone – and the prices were so reasonable. I compared the rates with commercial and they were relatively the same per person. I am convinced. Jetset Charter all the way, baby!

    Thomas Baldwin, Tucson, AZ
  • It's not easy trying to arrange transportation for an entire department, especially on a commercial airline. Luckily, Jetset Charter was there to take care of it for us. We found the perfect flight at the perfect time to coordinate with everyone's busy schedules. The plane had a nice conference table and refreshment area as well as Wi-Fi, so we were able to strategize in the air and deliver an awesome presentation when we arrived at the client's office. Thanks, Jetset!

    Barrie Peters, Charlotte, NC
  • I hate flying - plain and simple. Unfortunately, my mother fell and landed in the hospital in Boca, which gave me little choice in the matter. The schedules offered by the major airlines did not fit my needs, so I found Jetset Charter on the Internet. I called the office and was treated to not only fast service, but courteous service - which is sorely lacking with so many businesses these days. Jetset booked my flight, arranged my ground transportation, and even had a bouquet of fresh flowers sent to my mother's hospital room. Now that's service! I will use Jetset for all of my flight needs from now on.

    Harriet Connolly, Newark, NJ
  • I don’t travel anywhere without Bobo, my Wheaten Terrier, and Jetset Charter completely understood that. Commercial airlines are too strict, and some charter companies would only fly him with a ton of restrictions. Jetset Charter was able to not only arrange to have him fly with me on my recent trip to Miami, but he was allowed to sit with my in the cabin rather than be stuck in a crate or kennel.

    Stella J, Boise, ID